Uprisings of the Dispossessed and Protests in the Street

This was Session V of the "Dissenting Traditions" conference to Address the Intellectual and Political Interests of Canada Research Chair, Bryan D. Palmer at Trent University, 23-24 October 2015.

Moderated by Christine McLaughlin. Presentations by:
David Thompson (Queen's Univ): “Dispossessed Agency: The Revolutionary Indignation of Canada’s Unemployed, 1870-1929”
John Clarke (OCAP): “OCAP and Resistance in the Age of Austerity”
Andrée Lévesque (McGill Univ): “Rough Musicking Power: Quebec Street Protests in Our Times”
Sean Purdy (Universidade Sao Paulo): “Brazil's June Days of 2013: Mass Protest, Class, and the Left”

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