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CfC | Red Flags: The Early Labour Press in Canada

Call for Contributors: Red Flags ( is a free, open access website intended to generate wider knowledge of the early labour press in Canada. Students, teachers, and scholars are invited to collaborate on development of the site in several ways: (1) by adding to the description of newspapers; (2) by contributing to additional resource sections; and (3) by writing “Narratives” that introduce broader aspects of or topics related to the early labour press in Canada.

Working People: A History of Labour in British Columbia

Watch this three-part film series produced by Working People Productions in association with the Knowledge Network:

New comic on feminism and unionism


The Graphic History Collective is pleased to announce the latest contribution to the Graphic History Project:

New play explores 1984-85 strike by women retail workers at Eaton's in Ontario

Life on the Line: Women Strike at Eaton's 1984-85

CCLH Annual General Meeting / CCLT Assemblée Générale Annuelle

This year's Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Committee on Labour