Article Prize

The Canadian Committee on Labour History (CCLH) Article Prize is awarded annually for the best article, published in a journal or book, that contributes to our understanding of the history of labour, work and society in Canada. The article may be published in English or French.

Articles may be nominated by any individual or journal, and must have a publication date within the last calendar year (between January and December of the previous year). If the committee decides that the pool of articles is insufficient in any one year, the award may be made on a bi-annual basis. The intention of the CCLH Article Prize is to recognize original writing on the history of labour, work, and society with 'work' broadly defined to include all varieties of labour (paid, unpaid, coerced, familial). Articles must have a Canadian dimension to them, but can be comparative or international in scope.

The deadline for submissions in the current competition is 1 February every year.

Please submit articles for consideration here.